WHITE lines have been painted in the wrong place on the old Kingsbridge to Salcombe road, meaning people are driving up a private road.

Paul Roberts contacted us to say that Devon Highways had painted the lines on the road in the wrong place on Friday, February 10, leaving people driving up the private road to their houses.

At Gerston Gate, a junction on the old Salcombe Road, past Ropewalk and then up past Tacket Wood, should have give way lines showing that the road turns to the right, but instead the new road markings make it look as if the road continues straight.

‘Six guys from highways turned up and painted the lines on Friday’, explained Paul, ‘the road turns sharply to the right, but people are now driving up our drive.

‘A long time ago, before we lived here, and we’ve lived here 11 years, they made the same mistake and painted the lines across the road, but this was fixed at the time. This time they’ve just come along and gone over the old lines without checking where the road goes.’

A Devon County Council spokesperson said: ‘Our local Neighbourhood Highways Officer has evaluated the site and will arrange for the road markings to be changed as soon as possible to better reflect the priority at the junction between Kingsbridge and Collapit. We apologise for the confusion this may have caused.’