Salcombe Town Council times

Councillors in attendance include Town Mayor Cllr. Mike Fice, Town Clerk Gill Claydon, Deputy Mayor Cllr. Nikki Turton, Cllr. Tony Lang, Cllr. Caroline Bricknell, Cllr. Lindy Sinnott, Cllr. Mark Long and South Hams District Council Cllr. Judy Pearce


00.50-Declarations of Interest

01.25-Open Forum-A report from Cllr. Judy Pearce when she discussed the possibility of a farmers market in Salcombe, the results of the One Council survey, planning application enforcement issues and the councils support of plastic recycling.


31.00-Planning Applications

37.06-Work to Tree Preservation Order Trees

39.30-Open Space

46.00-Park and Ride

01.11.00-Media Communication

01.16.05-Grant Funding

01.22.07-Single Use Plastics

Due to technical difficulties filming cut out here-we apologise for this.

A summary of the rest of the meeting follows.Single Use Plastics-The overall conclusion reached was that the Council would support the open letter sent to the council supporting the single use plastics campaign. They would try and get organisations to support and sign the letter as the first step of the process. The Mayor also suggested whether there should be a collaboration across other councils around the estuary.

Consultation Workshop-The Council decided which representatives to send to the workshop on Monday, October 30, at 9.30am-1pm at Cliff House. It was decided that Town Mayor Cllr. Mike Fice, Deputy Mayor Cllr. Nikki Turton, Town Clerk Gill Claydon and Cllr. Mark Long would attend.

Reports-The Mayor, each councillor and clerk gave their reports over the last two weeks highlighting a variety of concerns they had become aware of. These included the Civic Service and Civic Lunch, Remembrance Sunday, Jubilee Garden wall repairs and cutting hedges around Salcombe.More details of this can be available on request or on the minutes from the meeting.

Finance-Different costs were discussed since the last meeting, councillors had to approve these expenditure costs.