EXETER Carnival 2023, planned for Saturday, November 25, has been cancelled.

InExeter, the Business Improvement District (BID) responsible for strengthening the vibrant heart of the city, said it was regrettably announcing the cancellation of Exeter Carnival for 2023. It described Exeter Carnival in 2022 as “a monumental event”, attracting both locals and visitors to celebrate carnival in the heart of Exeter city centre.

It adds: “However, the rise in operation costs has compelled InExeter to make the difficult choice to cancel the carnival.”

Mat Jarratt, Chair of Directors at InExeter, expressed the challenges faced.

He said: “To deliver a carnival style event in a city like Exeter is not without substantial difficulties.

“The scale of road closures, amount of people needed to run an event of this scale, and the costs associated with this, all while ensuring that the essence of the event is not compromised, has meant that we have had to look at what style of event is best for Exeter in this tough financial climate.” InExeter is funded by the businesses within the Business Improvement District, and says that their contributions are essential for the betterment of the city.

It adds: “In these challenging economic times, the organisation must deliver value to its businesses. The decision to cancel the carnival has not been made lightly; nonetheless, InExeter are resolute to the commitment to celebrate Christmas in the city of Exeter.”

Mat added: “Christmas is such an important part of the city calendar and the yearly celebrations funded by the businesses through InExeter are key to that success, we thank our member businesses for their continued commitment to the city and invite everyone along on November 25 to join the festivities throughout Exeter and enjoy the very best our vibrant city has to offer.”

There will be a festive celebration in the city scheduled to take place instead on November 25, 2023.

InExeter says that the daytime and early evening event will include festive celebrations with pop up performances and beloved characters, throughout the day.  InExeter would like to thank all of its partners and stakeholders for their support at this tough time.

It adds that this financial decision has been undertaken to safeguard the vital services InExeter provides to the businesses of Exeter.

Also, that InExeter remains committed to enhancing the city's appeal and supporting local businesses.

It concludes: “Exeter Carnival in 2022 will be eternally cherished as a momentous occasion that allowed both city residents and visitors to experience a piece of history in the heart of Exeter.”