Chris Thomas, of Ebrington street, Kingsbridge, writes: Justin Haque wrote bemoaning the proposed 'holiday ­village' at Coltscombe, Slapton, Gazette, May 1, a letter that could not have been more slanted or biased, citing everything from planning guidelines to japanese knotweed. What Mr Haque very ­cleverly left out from his rant is the fact that this is a very small development designed specifically and only for the use of severely handicapped people. As such this would be the only purpose-built facility in the South West. If you took Mr Haque's letter at face value, which is his ­obvious intent, we are led to believe that a much larger development is proposed, with the accompanying noise and traffic volume we would all associate with a 'holiday ­village'. Having seen the ­proposal, nothing could be ­further from the truth. Having walked my dog through Coltscombe, the residents amount to half-a-dozen properties, most of which fall into the million-pound bracket; it appears to me that 'this lot' would object to any development on whatever grounds they could find or make up. Mr Haque resorts to ­comments such as 'this most cynical of applications' – a very low blow, obviously aimed at the developer, Mr Costello, who is a paraplegic and has been wheelchair-bound for many years. Is Mr Costello being cynical? I suggest Mr Haque tries living in a wheelchair for years and trying to find somewhere to go on holiday that meets his needs. I do hope the planning ­committee look past the ranting of the not-on-my-doorstep brigade and view this development for what it is and for its intended much-needed use.