RNLI lifeguards at Challaborough rescued two people from the water after their RIB capsized in big surf.

The RIB with two casualties on board was making its way back to the beach on Monday, July 30, but, at the last minute, decided against its plan and turned to head back out to sea.

Due to its positioning side on to the waves, a large wave rolled the boat, throwing the two occupants into the water.

RNLI lifeguards Alex Allen and Amy Edmonds immediately responded and paddled over to the casualties using rescue boards. Alex managed to assist one casualty onto his rescue board and paddled him back to shore.

Amy attempted to help the other casualty onto her board but, as his lifejacket had inflated, was unable to and had to swim him back to safety. The lifeguards were also assisted by Bigbury Coastguard Cliff Rescue team.

The lifeguards assessed the casualties’ conditions, warmed them up and helped them to recover their boat later in the day.

Kate Doison, RNLI lifeguard supervisor for the area, said: “This was a case of unfortunate timing as the wave caught the boat just as it had turned side on. Both casualties were wearing life jackets though which essentially saved their lives by keeping them afloat until the lifeguards could reach them.

“If you are taking a trip out on a RIB such as this one, always remember to wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid. Carry a means of calling for help and check the tide and weather conditions before you set off.”