A cow that was stuck at the bottom of a cliff for more than a week has been rescued by the RSPCA and other emergency services.

A member of the public noticed the heifer stranded at the bottom of the cliffs between Hallsands and Start Point on Wednesday, August 22.

The cow’s owner, Fred Ansell, ensured the Devon Red Ruby, Rocky, was fed during her time at the bottom of the cliff by travelling to her by sea kayak.

This morning, the ‘complex’ rescue saw Rocky transported by sea from Start Point to Hallsands by a team of RSCPA officers, the RNLI and fire services. Rocky was stunned by a vet before being moved by the rescue team to an RSPCA boat that had its engine removed to accommodate the “large and unusual load”.

RSPCA chief inspector Richard Abbott, who coordinated the rescue, said: “We’re really pleased we were able to successfully rescue Rocky. It was a difficult rescue that took a lot preparation, planning, and hard work from all involved.

“Rocky was trapped at the bottom of the cliffs with no way of lifting her back up so the only option was to bring her to land by sea. We used mud mats to get her into our boat before we began the tricky journey along the coastline where she was brought to shore where we had a team ready to give her the care she needed.”