On Monday, NCI Prawle Point received reports of an injured boy at Elender Cove near Prawle Point.

A member of the public hurried the half mile from the secluded beach up to the Coastwatch station to alert the volunteer National Coastwatch Institiution team.

NCI Prawle Point then reported the incident to Her Majesty’s Coastguard in Falmouth. The Prawle Point Coastguard Rescue Team were called and Salcombe RNLI sent the inshore lifeboat who then transferred the boy to the Redfern Health Centre in Salcombe.

Dave Dancox, press officer for Salcombe RNLI said: “A young lad was fishing off rocks at Elender Cove. He was concerned that the tide was coming in, jumped off the rocks onto the beach and caught a fish hook on his leg.

“With the minor injuries unit at South Hams Hospital about to close, we contacted Redfern Centre, who, despite being very busy, were prepared to treat him.

“The boy and his mum were driven to the centre by the RNLI when we arrived in Salcombe.”