Motorists faced delays on Tuesday morning after a van was left teetering over the river Avon with the driver still inside.

The unfortunate driver was left hanging after the Ford Transit Connect van left the road near the Turtley Corn Mill pub between South Brent and Avonwick. Only the driver’s foot on the brake pedal prevented the vehicle crashing into the river several metres below, emergency services said.

The 999 call came in at 7.13am, sending police officers rushing to the scene. Officers were able to improvise chocks from logs and do what they could with the equipment they had to try and stop the van sliding further over the precipice.

Fire engines from Ivybridge and Buckfastleigh soon arrived, and used a winch to secure the vehicle and enable the driver to finally escape.

Ivybridge Fire Station reported that, surprisingly, the van sustained no damage and the driver was able to continue his day without any injuries at all.