A team from charity Tough Talk will be guest speaking at this months men’s Breakfast in the upstairs hall of the Methodist Church in Kingsbridge.

Once monthly on a Saturday morning, Rod Hardwick hosts a Men’s Breakfast, open to all men in the community. This month’s breakfast is to be held on Saturday 10th June, beginning at 8am, and expecting to be finished by 9:30am. Rod said: "We provide a wonderful breakfast with all the goodies the wives won’t let them eat at home, followed by an interesting talk."

The team from Tough Talk, speaking at tomorrows breakfast event, is a registered charity dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an informal way that appeals to people who would not normally go to a church meeting. Tough Talk is made up of a group of men who have turned their backs on their past. All the team feel that having let God into their lives, they now have an urgent need to share their experiences with the hope of helping others.

Rod added: "There is no charge to come along, but we do ask for a small donation towards the cost of the breakfast".

Further information about charity Tough Talk can be found on their website: http://www.tough-talk.com

Rod Hardwick can be contacted with regard to the Men’s Breakfast at: [email protected]