Students from Dartmouth Academy, Stoke Fleming Primary School, Blackawton Primary School and St Johns School Dartmouth took part in their Sunflower competition to see who could grow the tallest flower.

Stoke Fleming were the winners for the second year in a row with a whopping height of 185cm, although St Johns school came in close second. The competition took place at Beth’s by the Park, which is an outdoor takeaway cafe with views across the River Dart.

This is the second year the competition has taken place, and it is run by Sue Payne and Susan Salisbury.

Sue said: “It’s our second year and the children love it. They plant the seeds then when bigger enough they plant them out in coronation park. The visitors love the display and ask at Beth’s at the park cafe about it.”

Susan Salisbury said: "Sue and I started it last year from a small amount of money we had left from making the masks during covid. It’s lovely to  see how excited the children was planting the seeds and then transferring them into the tubs out the park and of course seeing their faces when measuring to see who had the tallest."

Kate Pepperell from Simply Sweets donated sweets to the event, and Beth’s by the Park supplied egg shells and kept an eye on the sunflowers for the schools.

She added: “Thank(s) so much to Ryan Hoare and Matt Horan for taking care of (the students) and giving a lovely pot of succulents to the winner. Can’t wait till next year.”