South Hams District Council has insisted that the Air Quality Management Area consultation is just that, a consultation, and that nothing is set in stone, following an unequivocal rejection of its proposals from a South Hams town council.

Ivybridge Town Council gave a big thumbs down to the draft document which has been created by SHDC to tackle air pollution problems on Western Road in the town, as well as in two other areas of the South Hams. All three areas are designated as Air Quality Management Areas.

A public consultation period ended this week on Wednesday, June 20.

South Hams District Council’s Leader, Cllr John Tucker, said: “We are working very hard with the community to overcome the air quality issues which Ivybridge has. We have encouraged residents to share their views on the consultation document and to provide alternative solutions to the proposals, which will help safeguard the health and wellbeing of Ivybridge residents.

“None of the solutions presented in the report are set in stone and further consultation will need to be had with affected residents prior to any work being carried out.

“The Air Quality Management Area consultation, is just that, a consultation within the community to gain the opinions of those living in the area. When the consultation is complete on 20 June, the comments and ideas gathered will be explored and discussed before a final Air Quality Strategy is presented to both councils later in the year.”