Tom Burnett, of South Huish, near Kingsbridge, writes:

It did not take long for the sour grapes to surface.

Protest parties in the park or pathetic poems will not change the fact that Britain has voted to leave the European Union by a majority.

It does not matter how big or small, it is a majority.

The present Government was elected with a majority of seats but not votes. Are we to ignore this result because we do not agree with it? This is what is called democracy.

Those 28 per cent who did not exercise their right to vote shows how much apathy there is in the country. It would take a brave MP to vote against the will of the people.

I hope our elected MP will take note.

I have  found that ‘true’ friends will always be true friends. no matter what. If we lose them then they are not ‘true’.

There were lies and distortions put out on both sides and I take exception to being accused, as with no doubt most of the ‘majority’, to be told we were gullible.

It is about time we all stopped the whinging and start being positive.

We hear nothing but gloom, doom and despondency from the press, media and ‘high-placed’ individuals.

The decision has been made and it’s time to shout for Britain and talk her up and not against her.

We have great entrepreneurs and forward looking people in this country. We have a new Prime Minister and a bright future in front of us in the world and not just Europe.

Let us all work together and make Britain great again.