Anyone looking for long stay parking in Salcombe over the busy half term holiday would have struggled.

The Creek car park has been mostly turned over to parking for boats over the winter and they will be there until around Easter.

This left just 15 standard parking spaces when you discount those set aside for people with disabilities and those charging their electric cars.

The nearby Shadycombe car park put a three-hour limit on parking.

Head distiller of nearby Salcombe Gin Jason Nickles said: ‘‘It has been very challenging to park. I hear there are plans to allow all-day parking at Shadycombe car park but many of those spaces will be taken up by people using permits for holiday accommodation who may park for a week meaning it will still be difficult to find a parking space.”

South Hams District Council’s Executive Member Cllr Victor Abbott, said: “At the end of the summer season, the Creek car park is needed to dry-store Salcombe residents’ boats to protect them as the weather begins to worsen.

“The town is also quieter and most visitors have returned home at this time of year.

“From October 1, permit holders were moved to Shadycombe car park.

‘‘This allows more spaces at the Creek car park for our pay and display customers.

‘‘This reduction of spaces happens gradually as the season comes to a close and there is less demand for parking.

“At the beginning of November, Shadycombe car park which is usually three hours parking changes to become an all-day car park.

“Whitestrand car park also changes from one hour to three hours parking from November 1.

There are other car parking options within the town and also on street parking.

“When the boats return to the water, the car parks return to short stay March 25, ready for the start of the season.”