Sixth Kingsbridge Sea Scouts were set the challenge to raise as much money as possible for a chosen charity in the limited time period of just 1 month. Edward Alexander and his team of 5 scouts chose to raise money by organising a number of activities, the most important component being a sponsored bike.

Through a door-to-door visits to houses in Chillingworth they received several generous sponsors.

All 5 Scouts completed the ten mile bike ride along the Plym Valley trail during the half term holiday.

Later the Scouts cleared and stacked logs for a campsite in Beeson.

To add to the money raised by the bike ride and log work, the Scouts offer the pupils of Stokenham Area Primary a variety of cookies and cakes for a small charge of 50p each. This raised over £120. 

In total the team of Scouts raised £428 for charity.

Soon after completing all the tasks Edward said: “I would recommend trying to raise money for charity because it is amazing that just us five 10 year old boys managed to raise so much by ourselves. After completing this challenge I felt very proud as I had made a difference”.