What happens when two fellas on the autistic spectrum decide to pool their passions – music, technology, washing machines, mystery adventures, superheroes and magic - and make a play? 

The Washing Machine of Destiny is what.  Whether all one hundred and forty-two scenes will make it onto the stage each show is another matter, but they do their best to make it a great evening for their audiences.,

The Washing Machine of Destiny has been attracting audiences from 8 to 98, neurodivergent and neurotypical. The show is full of bonkers humour as well as insight and intrigue, taking people on a journey with Launderette owner Vinny and his mate Conrad the magician to defeat the evil Controller.

On the way we meet all sorts of characters from mad scientists to an angry French Mayor.

We also spend time in the company of Philip and Luca just being themselves, responding to audience questions and navigating the demands of 142 scenes, acting, and saving the world all at the same time.

The Washing Machine of Destiny, aka 30 Seconds to Dreamland, aka ‘What if People think I’m Weird?’ aka ‘When you’ve met one person with autism you’ve met one person with autism’, has come from the imaginations and hard graft of Luca Saunders and Philip Robinson, both living with autism, via neurotypical Pippa Marriott (Director, script wrangler). The show lasts 75 minutes with no interval. 

The Washing Machine of Destiny is an inclusive show offered as a relaxed performance. The rules of engagement are included in the show for performers and audience. These are read out by members of the audience in order to make the show safe, accessible and inclusive for everyone:

If anyone suddenly feels stressed during the performance, it’s okay to step out for a minute. Maybe have some water, get your confidence back, then when you’re ready - come in & carry on.

If either performer loses their way, or is suddenly not “in the zone”, then its okay to stop and reset. Just tell the audience what is happening. 

Remember Luca’s mantra: “don’t think, just do!” There’s no need to rush: just breathe and relax your shoulders.

Part way through a South West tour, you can catch the show at the Palace Theatre, Paignton on January 26, with further information available at: www.palacetheatrepaignton.co.uk