I visited Kingsbridge a week ago for lunch with my wife.

We wanted to stay for just over an hour. I parked in in main car park by the quay and the charges were £1 an hour.

However, you could only select either one hour or three hours – not two hours. This seemed to me to be grossly unfair, but I paid my £3.

Walking up the street, I noticed numerous empty shops, and the choice of lunch venues was limited.

Perhaps the council should consider making Kingsbridge more attractive for visitors and be radical in making its parking charges fair.

They could charge parking in increments of 15 minutes, for example, and perhaps reduce the rates off season.

Regardless they need to recognise the plight of the high street and encourage visitors – not put them off.

Trade is going to continue to move online – they need to wake up to this reality.

Simon CB Hulme

Monks Well, Farnham