Kingsbridge Town Council have voted to reduce the charge for parking in Fore Street car park.

Kingsbridge Town Council were asked to comment on the proposed changes to car parking charges across car parks in the town at the full council meeting on Tuesday, June 13.

Kingsbridge Town Council members voted to charge 50p for half an hour, £1 for up to three hours and £3 for four hours. The current prices are 40p for 30 minutes, 90p for one hour, £1.80 for two hours, £2.40 for three hours and £3.70 for four hours.

They also voted to increase the charge from 50p to £1 for half an hour parking in Quay Car Park.

Clerk to Kingsbridge Town Council Martin Johnson said: “The overall idea is to suggest to SHDC that Fore Street car park should be earmarked as a shoppers car park, to support local businesses by encouraging shoppers to stay longer and to eliminate the stress of worrying about having to return to their cars quickly.

“Equally it’s about getting what you pay for. At present charging requires a few coins and people often have to overpay because they don’t have the correct available change. So making it one coin operations is simpler.

“Conversely, Quay Car Park should be identified for visitors. It’s the prime location at the head of the estuary so therefore it’s not unreasonable to expect to pay a premium price.”

Charges across the town, proposed by South Hams District Council and approved by Kingsbridge Town Council include Quay Car Park moving to £1 for up to an hour, £3 for up to three hours, £5 for four hours and £8 for all day.?In Lower Union Road and the Cattle Market car parks there will be a 50p charge for half an hour, or a £2 charge for all day. In Duncombe Park car park, charges will be 30p for half an hour, 80p for an hour, £1.60 for two hours, £2 for three hours, £3.30 for four hours and £7 for all day.

It is not confirmed when these new charges will begin, but it is expected to be in the near future.