Cafe Salute, an Italian-style cafe and sandwich shop, opened in Kingsbridge on Tuesday October 24th. 

The shop, which serves Italian-style sandwiches and salads, was created by partners Ben Harding and Amy Gale. They are located at the top of Fore Street.

Ben moved down to Salcombe about 20 years ago. He has worked in the hospitality trade for many years, and has hoped to one day run a cafe. 

“He’s always wanted to move to Devon and one day open his own cafe,” said Amy. “He wants to know the regulars, know what people want as soon as they walk in and be able to serve them really efficiently and effectively and be a part of the community.

“We were looking around and we were thinking (about) what we could add to the community. Obviously, you’ve got Bewley’s, which is amazing, same with Mangetout, same with the Indian takeaways, you’ve got your Chinese... and we just thought what can we bring? And one thing I thought is that you haven’t got an Italian anywhere. So we thought... let’s have a go.

“The menu is so versatile. It’s fresh, it’s easy food, but it’s so good for you. We can change it with the seasons, make it a bit warmer for the winter, a bit lighter for the summer.” 

Ben, who was previously bar manager at Salcombe Yacht club, has lots of experience working as a chef. 

“He just loves it, he loves being in the kitchen and providing food for people and seeing them enjoy it.

“We want people to get their money’s worth,” added Amy. “We use really good ingredients, and want people to feel full and happy.”

Amy and Ben picked up the lease for their restaurant a few weeks ago, and the shop has taken about three weeks to come together. They have done all the work themselves, with the help of Ben’s brother and his partner.

She said: “It’s been a very big job in a very small space of time. There’s still things we need to add to the venue, but we’re really happy with it right now.”

The community has rallied around the new shop, and welcomed them with open arms: “Catch of the Day have been one of our number one fans since we came in. Doggy Deli have been incredible. Everybody up and down this high street have been incredibly supportive, which is awesome. We couldn’t thank them enough.”

Amy and Ben are holding the trading post meeting for the high street on November 6.