I understand the concerns expressed by Gerry Miles, Letters, Friday, March 17, regarding grazing with Highland cattle on Bolberry Down. However, I wanted to explain the importance of supporting our tenant farmers in grazing these difficult coastal areas.

The Highland cows have grazed the cliffs around Soar Mill Cove and Bolberry Down for three winter seasons.

This area of coastline is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest in recognition of its international importance for the coastal wildflowers, invertebrate species, breeding birds and other wildlife.

The grazing by these cattle has been an important part of the improvement in the condition of this coastal area. The cows break through bramble and scrub and graze down the grassland areas through the winter months.

They are then removed in late spring until the following winter to allow the wildflowers to flourish. We are extremely lucky to have such important habitat in this area and these cattle are doing a fantastic job at improving its condition.

Despite their long horns, they are very docile. As with all livestock we ask that owners keep their dogs under close control around cattle.

Emma Reece, National Trust Ranger, Salcombe Area