Multiple homes and projects in Totnes, Dartington and surrounding areas that are contributing to a low carbon future are open to visitors at the Open Eco Homes weekend. There are 21 properties taking part over the two days, from October 14th to 15th, showcasing what eco homeowners have done to reduce energy and water use, generate renewable energy and have a positive effect on nature and biodiversity.

The initiative was created by Transition Town Totnes, a charity that is helping the local community reduce its environmental impact through schemes to increase low impact affordable housing, reduce energy costs and carbon emissions and grow the local food economy.

They say: “It’s a unique opportunity to explore real-life examples that showcase the best in sustainable living and eco-friendly homes right here on your doorstep.”

The event will include new-build eco-homes where sustainable features from natural building techniques to hi-tech airtightness and heat pumps will be displayed. It will also demonstrate ways people can sustainably improve their homes, with half of the projects being renovated existing houses - demonstrating examples of how to install insulation, a heat pump, PV and battery system, and more. 

There will be opportunities to meet homeowners who have integrated eco-friendly solutions into their daily lives, as well as scheduled talks and Q&A sessions to hear more details on the build process and the rationale behind materials used and features installed.

The programme is available at various locations in Totnes and Dartington, including The Mansion and Library in Totnes, Dartinghall Hall and the Shareshed. People can also download it from the Transition Town Totnes website where they’ll see individual events listed with exact timings and detailed directions.

The programme includes a map showing the location of the eco-homes and the features table so people can decide which homes are most relevant for them to visit. 

To find out more or get involved, get in touch by emailing volunteer event organiser Robin [email protected]