Dart Harbour has issued a notice to local mariners for this weekend as several events will take place on the river.

Starting on Saturday, 1 June, the Totnes and Bridgetown Royal Regatta will commence.

The event will consist of multiple races throughout both days.

The course will stretch from the bottom end of the footpath at Home reach, with the finish line located outside the rowing clubhouse. Racing is scheduled to start at 10:30 am, with crews launching shortly before the start. It is expected to continue until 4:30 pm when all crews should be off the water; however, this could change if there are delays during the day.

The Wild Swim race will begin at around 2:45 pm, with participants leaving Totnes and heading downstream. There will be two groups leaving at the same time, with one group finishing at Sharpham North Quay and the other finishing at Ashprington Point. The swim will be covered by a water safety team using a variety of crafts; however, there may be swimmers along the route without a safety craft near them. Swimmers will be wearing either a red or yellow swim hat.

The rowing is scheduled to start at 11:00 am on Sunday, 2 June, with crews launching shortly before. Racing on Sunday is expected to continue until 2:30 pm when all crews should be off the water, but this is again dependent on delays throughout the day. Mariners are requested to take advice from the safety crews, including holding off until clear and following directions from River Officers.