What are we to do about the A379 at Slapton? In the short term, a small diversion, funded by the Government should reopen it in the autumn. But after that?

A long-term plan is needed, and I do not think that widening the roads between Slapton or Stokenham/Chillington and Stanborough is the right solution, as it would be very expensive and it would not be heading in the right geographical direction.

Better would be a diversion off the A379 from the hairpin bend above Strete Gate to a bridge and a new road on the western side of the Ley to join the Slapton to Slapton turn road. The southern part of the Torcross Line seems to be more stable, and could then be used to reach Torcross.

A phase two could then be a new road from Slapton to somewhere between Torcross and Stokenham if this turns out to be necessary.

What do other readers think?

Andrew Hamilton

Monastery Road, Paignton