The Rally for Ali benefit gig is being staged in Ivybridge next month to help fund new treatments for Torbay resident Ali Wheatland who has been told her stage four cervical cancer is incurable.

The 36-year-old refuses to give up and is hoping to get genetic testing in the UK which costs up to £7,000 to test the potential of other advanced treatments in the US, Germany or even South America.

Ali has always been involved in helping other people, most recently as team leader at a drug and alcohol service, before that working in domestic abuse services and a doctor’s surgery.

She said: “I never thought I would ever have to do this. I’m so embarrassed.

“Those that know me know I don’t like to ask for anything, but right now I’m having to swallow my pride as I’m so desperate to live.

“I’ve continued to work and support myself throughout all of this without asking for a penny.

“I’ve supported others, and tried to save here and there for some special holidays, but now I need you.

“Anything you can give that could help save my life I would be so grateful for.

“I don’t know what the next few months are going to bring but I want to know that I’ve explored every option and if my time is close to being up, I want to live literally like there is no tomorrow!”

Ali was first diagnosed in March 2018. She had to endure a year of daily radiotherapy, weekly chemotherapy and traumatic brachytherapy.

Ali was given the “all clear” in January 2019 but the treatment had given her an instant menopause and she wasn’t able to have children. She also had the constant fear that the cancer would return which it did in January 2022.

She was told it was now terminal and was given six to 12 months to live.

Two years later she is still around and determined to battle on and make the most of her life.

She is currently being treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London which means long trips backwards and forwards.

Ali said: “I am exploring all options, but still unsure whether there is anything that will cure me.

“If there aren’t any viable options for me and my days are numbered, I would hope you would be happy with me using the money to live my last few months to the absolute fullest and make the best memories with those who have given their all to support me through this.”

She continued: “Thanks to everyone who is or has raised money for me with events such a sea dip in Brighton, a bake sale and raffle and of course the gig in Ivybridge.

“A big thanks to Joey and Jackie at the Watermark.”

That gig is by Joey The Lips – billed as the nation’s funkiest 10-piece band specialising in funk, soul, blues, rock and disco.

It’s happening at 8pm on Saturday, March 2, at The Watermark in Ivybridge.

Telephone 01752 892220 or