Salcombe Tourist Information Centre was broken into overnight between Sunday and bank holiday Monday morning.

Manager of Salcombe TIC, Deb Wards described it as a “huge shock”.

Very little was stolen in the burglary, but considerable damage was done to three doors and their security locks.

Some cash was stolen from the building and cabinets were opened but no further serious damage was done.

Ms Ward said: “We don’t hold a lot of cash in the building because we don’t really sell anything apart from a few postcards. We probably take the least amount of money in town, apart from the library.”

The centre closed as usual at 4.30pm on Easter Sunday afternoon, and when Ms Ward came to open the centre at 10am on Easter Monday, she discovered the break-in.

Kingsbridge Police have been informed and attended the scene, taking down details and collecting fingerprints. The town museum, which shares the same building, was unaffected.

“The damage done to the building will cost us more than what was stolen,” Ms Ward said.

“An internal door will have to be replaced along with three locks. But the community has been so supportive, with a local locksmith and carpenter helping out yesterday.

“Everyone is really sad, we’re just here to help the community, not to make money.

Tim Mattocks, whose wife Sharon works at the centre, said: "Some cash was taken and cabinets were opened but, fortunately, no further serious damage was done.

"The break-in was first discovered by the manager, Debs Ward, and my wife, Sharon, who arrived for work in the centre at 10am on Monday."

A spokesperson for Kingsbridge Police said: “If anybody has any information which may assist us in this investigation then please get in touch quoting CR/28519/17.”