Social care worker Lucy Reynolds, from Totnes, has been picked for an extreme Artic expedition to help collect scientific climate data.

Lucy, aged 35, will be part of a team circumnavigating Svalbard, north of Norway – sailing 10,000 nautical miles, using wind power, in SV Linden for Ocean Warrior’s #FoundationExpedition.

She said: “I’ve never done anything like this before – I’m a total novice to both expeditioning and sailing! I’m an ordinary person, taking on an extraordinary expedition. I’ve worked in social care and specialist education for 13 years, and this year more than ever I’ve felt a yearning for change.”

The expedition starts on September 1 and, if all goes well, Lucy hopes to join a longer expedition with Ocean Warrior next year.

Led by explorer Jim McNeill, the #FoundationExpedition will include scientists, journalists, naturalists, digital content and film makers, and a select number of citizen scientist, including Lucy, who will be trained to sail professionally and contribute directly to climate science. The expedition will install and test scientific equipment.

Lucy added: “I’m undertaking this expedition because I want to re-imagine the work I do; I want to bring together equal access to nature, climate action and work with young people as I feel these are inextricably linked... they are symbiotic.”

Expedition leader Jim McNeill added: “I’m delighted to have Lucy onboard for this extraordinary expedition. To me, it is vital that we use ordinary people from all walks and many nations to show that humanity can do something really positive in this time of global crisis. The Ocean Warrior will put a better finger on the pulse in areas seldom visited,”

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