TWO young motocross champions from Newton Abbot have had their dreams cut short after they had £50,000 worth of highly specialised electric racing bikes stolen.

Devon and Cornwall Police stated that the four bikes were stolen from a house in Newton Abbot late on Monday night.

(Rev Monkey UK)

The racers, Beanie Reece, 17 and Isaac Ash, 16 were all set to race at a major event in January.

Beanie started riding motocross at the age of 12 and rose to British Youth Champion in 2021.

‘I used to horse ride, but when I stopped riding my dad bought me a bike and we started going down to a place in Totnes called Wheeldon Off-Road Centre,’ Beanie explained.

‘Since then it’s become my absolute passion.’

Now riding for Sur-Ron Bikes as the Rev Monkey Team, Beanie and Isaac developed two one-of-a-kind bikes to race on.

‘Two of the bikes taken were smaller bikes, but the other two were our main race bikes and they're the ones that are worth the main bulk of that fifty thousand pounds.’

(Beanie Reece)

The bikes were lost after the pair came home from a competition. It’s thought that the thieves could have followed Beanie and Isaac home, striking when they were asleep.

Beanie said: ’They're the only ones that look like that in the whole world. They’re completely tailored to us and if we don’t get them back we’ll no longer be able to race.

‘I’m devastated because this is our biggest thing. We've spent so much money and time getting those bikes to where they are now and sacrificed so much for this sport. I'm homeschooled because of the fact that I'm racing all of the time. I’ve taken a different route in education just to be able to race those bikes.

‘We’ll be devastated if we don’t see them again.’

(Beanie Reece)

Beanie and Ash have offered £5,000 for the safe return of the bikes.

It was confirmed by Devon and Cornwall Police that the bikes were stolen between 22:15 GMT on Monday and 1:00 on Tuesday.

If anyone has information, contact the police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.