Kingsbridge Park Bowling Club

The Park had their open bowls drive on Saturday, April 16, when several new members were made welcome.

The president John Peckham delivered the first bowl and an enjoyable afternoon was had by the many that attended.

There will be club nights during the summer months on a Wednesday evenings, starting from May 4, at 6pm.

If anyone that is interested in starting up outdoor bowls or if you would like to come and try it out, please feel free to come and join in.

On Sunday, April 24, the Park took on Bere Alston at home on a sunny but breezy afternoon.

Rink one of R Kerswell, R Edmonds and skip C Steer won 27-6.

Rink two comprising W Rogers, B Kidd and skip A Elliott won 15-9.

Rink three with B Elson, C Dunton and skip J Peckham narrowing took victory 19-15.

Rink four consisting of D Snow, P Ramsay and skip J Yeabsley lost 9-21.

Rink five of B Kidd, D Stewart and skip J Harding winning 26-11.

Rink six of D Havis, V Harding and captain R Elson lost just 11-13.

On Thursday, April 28, Dartmouth came to the Park to play four rinks of four.

Seeing them only playing 12 ends as the weather came in with heavy showers.

Rink two of R Kerswell, D Stewart, P Ramsay and captain R Elson drawing 10-10.

Rink three with D Havis, D Snow, L Lee and skip J Peckham went down 5-10.

Rink four comprising B Elson, J Lee, B Kidd and skip C Steer won 9-7.

Rink five of V/B Rogers, B Kidd, C Dunton and skip J Yeabsley also took victory 16-5.

The club would like to thank John Harding for all his hard work to get the green up and ready for the start of the season and the club hopes to see members helping him through the summer season.

Thanks also has to go to the few members that came and helped brighten up the place.