Kingsbridge Park Bowling Club

For the men of Kingsbridge Park, the most interesting, friendly and competitive ­matches are in the Mid-Devon League, which is supported by the majority of local clubs. Park has had a variety of results so far this season, with several matches played recently.

One such in this league was against Shaldon, in which the rink of Bill Rogers, Ron Edmonds, Chris Adams and David Hurrell had a most ­spectacular game. On the second of the 21 ends they achieved a maximum score of eight shots. From then on they were never headed, finishing with a 33-19 win. The other rinks in this match did not do so well. John Hall, Don Havis, Ron Elson and Richard Kerswell lost 16-19 after being 5-15 down after 11 ends and coming back well. Steve Russell, Charlie Dunton, John Fowler and John Harding never got in front and lost 16-22. The other rink of David Snow, Tony Laurence, John Yeabsley and Collin Steer were also headed all the way to finally lose 17-30.

Result: Kingsbridge Park 82 shots, Shaldon 90.

Another Mid-Devon League match against Marldon ­produced a much better result, with Kingsbridge Park winning on all four rinks: Dave Stewart, John Lee, John Yeabsley and Colin Steer had the best result, winning 23-13; Steve Russell, Charlie Dunton, John Fowler and John Harding won 24-16; John Hall, Brian Kidd, Ron Elson and Richard Kerswell won 20-14; and Bill Rogers, Ron Edmonds, Chris Adams and David Hurrell won 19-17.

Result: Kingsbridge Park 86 shots, Marldon 60.

Another league match was in the South Hams Triples League against Yealmpton. Again Park produce a win on both of the two rinks: Richard Kerswell, John Hall and Charlie Dunton won 22-12, while John Yeabsley, John Fowler and Trevor Edwards won 19-12.

Result: Kingsbridge Park 41 shots, Yealmpton 24.

A mixed friendly match away against Lee Moor produced an extremely close overall win for Kingsbridge Park. Top rink was Don Havis, Liz Lee and John Harding, who led from the start to win 20-9. Val Harding, Charlie Dunton and Richard Kerswell had a much closer game throughout, but finally won 17-14. Barbara Elson, John Lee and Ron Elson also had a very close game, but eventually lost 16-19. John Yeabsley, Anita Elliott and John Fowler played a close game in the first half, then it just got away from them and ended up losing 10-17.

Result: Kingsbridge Park 63 shots, Lee Moor 59.

Another friendly match, this time against Plymstock, produced some varied rink scores and a very good overall win thanks to two of the Kingsbridge rinks. Top rink by far was that of Don Havis, Brian Kidd, Steve Russell and Liz Lee, who after seven ends were up 16-1. For the rest of the game they still dominated, to finish up winning 33-9.

Another good result came from Val Harding, John Lee, John Harding and David Hurrell, who led throughout and won 21-9. Barbara Kidd, Janet Adams, J Yeabsley and Chris Adams were well down for most of the game, being 6-17 after 15 ends. They came back over the next six ends to lose by just two shots 15-17. John Fowler, Anita Elliott, Ron Edmonds and Ron Elson had a close game from start to finish 18-all. Bill Rogers, Barbara Elson, Pat Ramsay and Richard Kerswell had a similar game, also drawing at 18-all.

Result: Kingsbridge Park 105 shots, Plymstock 71.