In a display of unity, the CareYourWay team in Totnes came together for a special ‘Wear It & Bake It Blue’ event in support of Parkinson’s UK, marking the occasion of World Parkinson’s Day.

Inspired by the resources provided by Parkinson’s UK, the team decided to blend two ideas into one, aiming to demonstrate their unwavering support for the cause.

Batches of lovingly baked cupcakes were personally delivered.

Last Friday, the CareYourWay office transformed into a bustling hub of friendship as the ‘Bake It Blue Bakery’ opened its doors to carers and clients alike.

The aroma of freshly baked treats filled the air as attendees savoured sweet delights and shared warm conversations, bridging gaps and strengthening bonds within the community.

The overarching goal of the event was to raise £200 for Parkinson’s UK, a target embraced with enthusiasm and determination by all involved.

This fundraiser is still active on the CareYourWay Facebook page, with the Selfie Competition now excitingly open to members of the public to be known as the face of CareYourWay’s Parkinson’s Week.

“We felt uplifted, excited, and positive to take part in such a fun activity in support of a great cause,” remarked a member of the CareYourWay team.

The heartfelt appreciation from clients added to the day's significance, with messages of gratitude pouring in for the delectable treats shared with them.

“Just to let you know, all the clients I delivered to asked me to let you know they were delicious! They said a massive thank you,” shared Kylie, one of the carers.