AFTER Kingsbridge Fair Week we had hundreds of photos taken by our photographers and due to space restraints, most will never be seen.

We thought this was a shame so we have now decided to upload albums of events to our Facebook pages. The photos will be watermarked but if you would like to buy any of our pictures, you can do so from our website.

The website will also allow you to get the photo you want printed up to 50x75cm or on a mug, a sweatshirt, a teddy bear, a jigsaw puzzle, a tote bag or even on a glitter ball or cushion cover.

These photo albums are particularly useful at this time of year with regattas, fairs, fetes and other events happening on a regular basis and we are always limited by space in the paper.

Although we’d love to fill the paper with photos, that’s never possible, so now you can see all the photos we have taken and can browse through and tag your friends and family.

So far we have uploaded photos of Kingsbridge Fair Week, Totnes Show, Yealmpton Show, South Milton Summer Fete, the Crabshell Quay Regatta and the first half of the Salcombe Regatta.

We have three Facebook pages for the individual papers: @KBSalcGazette, @IvySouthBrentGazette and @DartChronicle or you can follow all the news from all three papers on @SouthHamsNewspapers.