On a brisk Sunday Morning (March 6) nearly 40-walkers turned up to show their solidarity for resident and retired Town Councillor Peter Ralph who was spending the day ‘Walking All Over Cancer’ for Cancer Research UK.

Vice Admiral Sir Jonathan James Richard Tod KCB CBE opened the event just after 8.30 am with a short speech about his personal experiences with cancer before explaining Peter and his wife’s circumstances.

Sir Jonathan Tod said:” The thing I most admire about Peter and Margaret is that when the have got a problem they will to their best to make a positive out of it rather than look at the negative.”

Peter Ralph leading walkers at the start of the day.
Peter leading the walkers at the start of the morning (Martyn Norsworthy)

The 21km walk consisted of one lap to the slipway and then 15 more from the tree in the town square to just a short way past the door at the Crabshell.

Despite the biting wind in the early morning, walkers were keen to get moving.

Spirits were heightened later when the wind dropped and the sun came out, this accompanied by musical entertainment from an assortment of groups throughout the day kept the pep in the walkers step throughout.

Peter Ralph leading walkers in their 21km challenge
Peter Ralph leading the walkers (Martyn Norsworthy)

Most had finished their 15.5 laps at around 2 pm where Jonathan Tod made the final announcement that Peter had hit his £10,000 target. Peter offered a special thank you to all those who helped including Age Concern who provided hot drinks and soup free of charge to all participants and volunteers on the day.