A Ukranian lady and her family are looking for a new home as they are having their accommodation at Aveton Gifford. They are prepared to rent anywhere in the county but would ideally prefer to stay in the area so they don’t have to change schools.

Tatiana Dankova and her four children 11 year old Kostya, eight year old Mirra, six year old Solomiia and two year old Mark arrived in England in June last year with their dog Volt after living in both Germany and Poland following their departure from Ukraine. They found it very difficult as they don’t speak German.

Russia invaded the country on February 20 last year and there have been tens of thousands killed on both sides causing the biggest European refugee crisis since WWII.

Tatiana’s oldest son Kostya goes to Kingsbridge Community College and plays both tennis and is part of the KM football team.

Her daughters Mirra and Solomiia go to Aveton Gifford Primary School.

Her husband Denis is fighting in Bakhmut in the east of Ukraine. Tatiana says: “I speak with him most days except when there’s no signal. It’s very difficult as there’s fighting and bombing every day. As we have more than three children Denis could have escaped with us but he wanted to fight for his country”

Tatiana is an ecologist who worked at Kyiv Zoo as well as a natural park in the city.

She said “I love this area with its beaches, forests and wildlife. I especially like Bigbury, Hope Cove and Salcombe.”

Her youngest son is two years old and once he goes to play school she is looking forward to finding a job.

If you can help the family to find a new home you can call Tatiana on 07570 233986.