Forward thinking Totnes is staging a series of events to help its residents respond to the global climate crisis - at the same time as world leaders meet in Glasgow to tackle climate change.

Mirroring the international COP26 negotiations being held in the Scottish city, Totnes is hosting its own COPnes26 summit between Sunday October 31 and Friday November 12.

The aim is to give townsfolk the chance to reflect on the implications, realities and actions needed to deal with the climate crisis which has resulted in rising global temperatures and sea levels, extreme weather, shrinking glaciers and thawing permafrost.

COPnes26 organisers also aim to inform the town and its neighbouring parishes of what is happening at the UN Climate Change Conference.

COPnes26 co-founder, town councillor Jacqi Hodgson, stressed: "What happens in Glasgow during COP26 will affect us all and could turn the tide in how we care for this planet and prevent climate catastrophe.

"It is very important that we bring this message home and let Glasgow know we are watching."

During COPnes26, Totnes will ask what it can do in the face of the global crisis, how it can prepare for radical change, does its actions match its rhetoric, what is the reality of the situation - are we given the full facts, and what does it need to do differently when making local decisions?

Since the town declared a Climate Emergency in December 2018 it has been "very aware of the deep symbiotic relationship between human impact and the natural world," Cllr Hodgson said, and COPnes26 is a "natural evolution for a community that is hugely concerned about the global Climate Crisis."

During the two weeks, COPnes 26 is planning to install big screens across the town to broadcast videos and clips from each day’s events in both Totnes and Glasgow.

It will unpack COP26 events and negotiations through panel discussions and filmed events, and give residents the chance to debate and ask questions.

There will also be video links from Totnesians who are bearing witness to COP26 in Glasgow, along with various art-based events throughout the town.

Local community groups, organisations and schools are invited to get involved by hosting an associated event.

To find out more or to add your event to the list of those being planned, email Cllr Hodgson at [email protected].

Cllr Hodgson said: "An extraordinary fortnight in extraordinary times, and one that could make a lot of difference to our daily lives and the world we live in.

"This is an invitation for all of us to get involved."

To find out more about COPnes26 and what is being planned visit