It’s swings and roundabouts when it comes to the latest changes to the Stagecoach bus service.

Due to low passenger demand the Monday to Saturday journeys on Service 90 between Dartmouth and Townstal, journeys before 8.30am are being withdrawn.

The 11.30pm Monday to Saturday journey from Dartmouth Pontoon to Carey Road will continue to the Park and Ride site.

The Sunday and public holiday timetable will be simplified with buses following the standard route.

Service 92 between Dartmouth and Totnes is being significantly enhanced with the frequency of buses doubled to every hour for much of the day between Monday and Saturday.

A number of additional early evening journeys will also be introduced, providing later journey opportunities in both directions.

Services 7 and 92 will provide an hourly frequency between Dartmouth and Exeter via Newton Abbot with a guaranteed connection in Totnes.

The vast majority of journeys are designed to connect in and out of service 7 at Totnes.