Campaigners against the closure of Totnes Train Station’s ticket office said they had “an excellent response” from residents in and around Totnes Market last weekend.

More than 200 flyers were distributed around the top of the town in response to the news that Totnes, amongst up to 1000 other stations, is set to lose its ticket office. People had until yesterday to officially object to the closure during the consultation period.

Totnes resident David Matthews was busy handing out leaflets.

He said: “We distributed around 200 flyers and the response was universal – do not close the ticket offices! The campaign to retain ticket offices, such a vital service for many, is likely to continue well beyond the consultation date and there is likely to be at least one legal challenge to this unwelcome imposition. As well as the inconvenience and distress this proposed move would cause, around 2000 jobs would be lost if closures go ahead.”

Bridgetown resident Trixie Foster said replacing the ticket office with online ticketing was not the answer. She said: “Having the facility of the Internet and mobile phones is wonderful but it’s not the magic bullet and the answer to all. People of all ages, especially after Covid, are becoming more isolated and lonely and lacking the art of verbal communication.

“The station ticket office is very much part of the community. It is managed by our greatest asset - people.”