A French journalist has been profiling Totnes as the world’s first ever transition town.

Juliette Demas was in the town last month and her piece in French has just appeared on the Reporterre website.

Juliette is from Britanny and covers both the UK and Ireland.

The Transition Tour was organised by FutureBound UK and featured amongst others Incredible Edible Totnes, Transition Streets, Transition Homes CLT and Totnes Bike Hub CIC amongst others.

Headlining her article “Pioneering ecology town” Juliette wrote: “Looking closer you notice solar panels on the Town Hall roof, vegetables growing here and there, an enormous bio shop in the centre of the town, second-hand stalls and excentric shop windows.”

Hal Gilmore was also mentioned in the article.

He often gives guided tours to French tourists and school groups and tries to give them an original British experience.

She also remarked that in 2007 Time Magazine described the town as the ‘Capital of New Age chic’.

Julette said: “Around this time the British ecologist and professor Rob Hopkins moved to the area and launched Transition Town Totnes with a group of activists who were convinced of the urgency of global warming .

“Looking for a more ecological life and wanting to reduce their dependency on energy they decided to begin the change at a local scale.”

The transition happened through community projects such as self-help groups, incredible edibles, DIY insulation of homes.”