Devon and Cornwall Police are advising people of the consequences of drinking too much and letting their emotions get the better of them during this summer’s European Football Championship.

This summer’s event will see England and Scotland competing in Germany against 22 other teams to be crowned winner of the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship.

The Force expects pubs to be busy, but they ask that this happens safely and responsibly.

A police spokesperson said: “Everyone is always excited to follow the national team’s progress and many will be making plans to watch matches with friends and family. However, the police are being clear that alcohol is not an excuse for bad behaviour, win, lose or draw. Alcohol can and will change people’s behaviour. With emotions running high, things can easily go from friendly banter to something more aggressive.”

The police say while no one can control the final score, you can end the night on your terms by drinking responsibly and putting your safety and the safety of others first.

The spokesperson added: “There is a potential for drivers to still be over the limit the morning, too. Many still do not realise how long it takes for alcohol to be out of your system. A morning coffee isn’t the answer, the only solution is time. So please take the time to think about how you’ll be getting home after the final whistle.”

If you are concerned that you or someone else is regularly drinking too much, visit the Devon and Cornwall Police website for resources that can help.