Kingsbridge Police have said they are "considering" evacuating people from Beesands, Torcross and Hallsands.

High tides and strong winds are expected again this afternoon at about 6.30pm. Beesands, Torcross, Hallsands and other villages are again expected to take a hammering.

Kingsbridge Police posted: "1. Please do not attend to watch. 2. If you live there or have control of a property then please ensure it is boarded up best as possible. Please remove all lose items of furniture, move things away from windows, etc.

"3. We are CONSIDERING evacuating residents due to the expected tides/wind. If you are willing and able to voluntarily leave then please do so. Please let us know that you are evacuating by calling 101 and updating Log 370."

This message came just an hour before the Second World War lookout at Torcross has fallen into the sea. Police say that the cliff path is now "very unsafe" and pleaded with people not to visit the area.

The police and HM Coastguard are also dealing with some suspected unexploded ordinance in Torcross, so please don’t visit.