Parents across South Devon protested about the lack of government support and support from Anthony Mangnall MP in calling for a ceasefire in the Israel Gaza conflict.

A group representing parents across South Devon held a silent vigil outside the office of Anthony Mangnall to mourn the tragedy of the 25,700 lives lost to date in Gaza, and represent their extreme disappointment at the lack of support for a ceasefire from their local MP.

Eight parents from the recently formed South Devon Parents for Peace group based in Totnes first met with Mr Mangnall on December 15 to express their concern and request he call for an immediate ceasefire. 

After he refused to consider this request, a second meeting was scheduled for January 26, but this was cancelled by Mr Mangnall when he learned of the peaceful protest that was being planned by members of the wider parent group who were unable to attend the meeting and wished to express their solidarity.

Emily Wingate, from the South Devon Parents for Peace group, said: “We sought a meeting today with Anthony Mangall to ask him to add his voice to the growing international call for an immediate ceasefire and the lifting of the siege to allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza,

“We are dismayed that he has refused to see us, and shocked that he has not taken the time to respond to a letter signed by 182 concerned parents and constituents calling for his support. 

“As a result, what was originally planned as a very small, respectful vigil has grown into a much larger event, with many more constituents planning to attend.”

Belinda Batt, also of the South Devon Parents for Peace group, said: “The actions of Hamas on October 7th were an atrocity leading to the tragic deaths of 1,139 people. We also mourn those deaths and call for the release of the hostages who continue to be held unlawfully in Gaza,

“No-one, whatever the context, should face such violence. The barbaric war crimes in Gaza have killed more than 25,700 Palestinians, with 63,000 injured and 8,000 missing. More than 10,000 children have been killed, and an estimated 24,000 children have lost both parents. 

“The unchecked violence of Israel is facilitated and emboldened by the UK government and politicians. But with continued bombing, disease and famine posing immediate threats to their safety, the children of Gaza cannot wait another 100 days for a ceasefire, the delivery of aid and medical supplies. Time is running out.

“Anthony Mangall’s job is to represent the views of his constituents. We believe he is failing to do that, and we call upon everyone in South Devon who wishes to see an end to the horrors unfolding in Palestine to write to Anthony Mangall today, demanding that he calls for an immediate ceasefire, and lifting of the siege."