DART Harbour’s new pontoon at Double Steps in Dartmouth town centre is now open to traffic.

Harbourmaster Paul Britton said: “This pontoon has always been very busy, as it’s the main dinghy mooring in the town, as well as being the base for the Dittisham and Noss ferries, Yacht Taxi and Hire Boats.

"We’ve been able to simplify our original plans,meaning much less visual intrusion on the view from the Embankment, particularly as we have ‘recycled’ the old DC pontoon which was moored offshore, to become the outer part of the new Double Steps Pontoon.

“The new pontoon, as well as providing new deep water berths for the yacht taxi and ferries provides additional space for dinghies and much-needed space for visiting RIBs and dayboats. We have also been able to provide a 20 minute drop off/pick up berth which the harbour has been lacking in the past.

We are very pleased with the result, and think it will be a huge improvement for the town.”