They only come out once a year, but when they do it is definitely worth the wait.

Halloween would not be the same without Kingsbridge man Neil Jackson and his annual display of intricately carved pumpkins.

Each year, Neil installs a collection of the spooky jack o lanterns above the doorway of his home in Rack Park. And in the four or five years he has been doing it, Neil’s pumpkins have become increasingly well known and loved in the area.

Neil sources the vegetables, the biggest of which this year weighed a terrifying 45kg, from friends Dave and Dee Wallis of Loddiswell. Neil gets first pick of the couple’s pumpkins, and was keen to express his thanks.

They are then carved by Neil, who works at ATS, with his two children and his neighbour’s child taking on some of the smaller ones. The finishing touch is a selection of electric lights inside the creations.