South West Water are upgrading it’s sewer network and as part of this major work is planned in January in Modbury with the partial replacement of the sewer.

In Modbury, there’s a gravity main running through the centre of the village which is in need of maintenance. A gravity main is a sewer running downhill and the sewage is moved through the pipe by gravity.

Due to its age, this sewer in Modbury needs repairing, and some sections need a total replacement. This will involve extensive work over five months starting in January 2023.

The work will also involve road closures through the village. The largest of these road closures is the main road through the village which will be closed for three months.

Stagecoach have been testing the route and are due to announce changes to its service.

Road closures:

Poundwell Street : January 9 to 18 2023.

Church Street and Broad Street: January18 to April 17 2023

Back Street: April 18 to 21 2023

Church lane: April 24 to May 12 2023

Moon Lane: May 15 to May26 2023