A new monthly series of workshops directed at men will hold its second meeting on Monday night - this time focusing on DIY.

The “tongue-in-cheek” workshops titled, “An Idiot’s Guide to…” are aimed at gathering men of any age and providing a relaxed, casual space to have a laugh and learn a thing or two.

Monday’s workshop, An Idiot’s Guide to DIY is for men of any age who would like to know how to tackle the simplest of “do it yourself” jobs. Knowledge and experience will be shared on how to cut wood, put up a shelf and seal a kitchen work surface, among other things.

There will be a chance for some hands-on experience, “where you can muck it up under supervision!” said organiser Paul Leather.

“It will clearly be a good opportunity for a laugh and a chance to encourage men of all ability levels to gain more confidence in tackling the jobs we keep putting off,” he said.

Last month’s Idiot’s Guide to Cooking saw a group of men cooking omelettes, spaghetti bolognese and chilli con carne. Next month will be featuring An Idiot’s Guide to Women on Monday, November 12, and just before Christmas the workshop will be on An Idiot’s Guide to Life on Monday, December 10.

Paul Leather and a group of a few other men created the term ‘MANdate’, which he explains is “a gathering of men who occasionally meet up for a beer or a walk or a chat or all three”.

“We enjoy a laugh, a joke and helping people out. It’s not easy for men to share things so we felt all men would benefit from getting together to learn some new skills or just to gain confidence.

“We thought we could all do with some more fun in a relaxing environment, so we devised the MANdate.”

All workshops take place at 7.30pm at Kingsbridge Family Church on Baptist Lane off Fore Street and are absolutely free. An Idiots Guide to DIY will take place this Monday, October 15.

For more details, email [email protected], or contact Kingsbridge Family Church Office at 01548 852770.