South Hams residents went to the polls on May 2 to elect their South Hams District Councillors and in some instances, their town or parish councillors.

Here are the results in full:

*Allington and Strete

Suzanne Ellis, Green, 155

Richard Foss, Conservative, 443 ELECTED

Laurel Lawford, Lib Dem, 395

Peter McIlven, Labour, 42

*Bickleigh and Cornwood

Michael Cade, Labour, 162

Barrie Spencer, Conservative, 515 ELECTED

*Blackawton and Stoke Fleming Ward

David Matthews, Labour, 55

Simon Rake, Lib Dem, 391

Helen Reeve, Conservative, 402 ELECTED


George Rosevear, Lib Dem, 332

Bernard Taylor, Conservative, 537 ELECTED

David Trigger, Labour, 157

*Dartington and Staverton

Jacqi Hodgeson, Green, 853 ELECTED

Jenny McGeever, Conservative, 193

*Dartmouth and East Dart

Hilary Bastone, Conservative, 1,317 ELECTED

Nathan Bodinnar, Labour, 779

Graham Campbell, Labour, 614

Jonathan Hawkins, Conservative, 1,383 ELECTED

Richard Hestletine, Lib Dem, 865

John Robinson, Independent, 475

Rosemary Rowe, Conservative, 965 ELECTED

*Ermington and Ugborough

Tom Holway, Conservative, 491 ELECTED

Antony Power, Lib Dem, 151

Louise Rea, Labour, 182

*Ivybridge West

Lance Austin, Conservative, 662 ELECTED

David May, Conservative, 703 ELECTED

Tony Rea, Labour, 520

David Robinson, Lib Dem, 424

*Ivybridge East

Victor Abbott, Lib Dem, 574 ELECTED

Tessa Lannin, Labour, 468

Richard Peachey, Conservative, 483

Karen Pringle, Conservative, 565 ELECTED


Samantha Dennis, Conservative, 539

Susi Jackson, Lib Dem, 737 ELECTED

Gerrie Messer, Labour, 327

Denise O’Callaghan, Lib Dem, 809 ELECTED

Keith Wingate, Conservative, 560

*Loddiswell and Aveton Gifford

Ian Bramble, Conservative, 305

John Harvey, Labour, 104

Kate Kemp, Lib Dem, 362 ELECTED

*Marldon and Littlehempston

Evelyn Burges, Labour, 60

Gill Coombs, Green, 126

Trevor Pennington, Independent, 380 ELECTED

Keith Smith, Lib Dem, 126

Steve Veasey, Conservative, 205

*Newton and Yealmpton

Keith Baldry, Lib Dem, 1,236 ELECTED

Michael Blake, Conservative, 509

Basil Cane, Conservative, 614

Edward Parsons, Labour, 155

Dan Thomas, Lib Dem, 1,141 ELECTED

*South Brent

Lynn Alderson, Labour, 203

Paul Bishop, Labour, 169

Gavin Fennell, Green, 417

Colin Moore, Green, 371

Guy Pannell, Lib Dem, 729 ELECTED

Charlotte Power, Lib Dem, 663

Peter Smeardon, Conservative, 744 ELECTED

Robert Steer, Conservative, 715


Julian Brazil, Lib Dem, 690 ELECTED

Rick Gaehl, Labour, 35

Josh Gardener, Conservative, 298


John Anderson, Lib Dem, 899

John Birch, Lib Dem, 1,424 ELECTED

Laurel Ellis, Labour, 654

Colin Luker, Labour, 601

Christopher Maguire, Green, 892

Pip Paine, Conservative, 376

Emily Price, Lib Dem, 924

Joseph Rose, Green, 1,062 ELECTED

Jo Sweett, Green, 1,350 ELECTED

Louise Webberley, Labour, 630

*Thurlestone and Salcombe

Helen Beetham, Labour, 159

Alan Kerr, Lib Dem, 336

Mark Long, Independent, 1,191 ELECTED

Judy Pearce, Conservative, 739 ELECTED

Simon Wright, Conservative, 706

*West Dart

John McKay, Lib Dem, 602 ELECTED

Leigh Munro, Conservative, 336


Paul Furlong, Labour, 109

Nicky Hopwood, Conservative, 663 ELECTED

*Wembury and Brixham

Brian Blake, Lib Dem, 265

Dan Brown, Conservative, 825 ELECTED

Matthew Chown, Conservative, 703 ELECTED

Alastair Henderson, Labour, 202

Ian Martin, Independent, 283

Katy Ward-Edwards, Green, 420

***Town and Parishes***

*Dartmouth Townstal

Margaret Baillie, Independent, 199 ELECTED

Nathan Bodinnar, DIG, 277 ELECTED

Lynn Gunningle, DIG 147

Lewis Hazel, DIG, 130

Dawn Shepherd, DIG, 259 ELECTED

Graham Webb, DIG, 277 ELECTED

Mandy Webber, DIG, 253 ELECTED

David Wells, Independent, 238 ELECTED

*Dartmouth Clifton

Paul Francis Allen, 445

Norman Brown, 258

Keith Burgess, 157

Catherine Campos, DIG, 452 ELECTED

Diana Case, DIG, 446 ELECTED

David Cawley 248

Richard Cooke 235

Vanessa de Galleani 452 ELECTED

Adam Edsall, DIG, 557 ELECTED

Graham Evans, DIG, 477 ELECTED

Anthony Fyson 321

David Gent 364

Daphne Godden, DIG, 317

Sarah Hibbert, DIG, 478 ELECTED

Alisa Kefford Parker, DIG, 357

Robert Lyon 460 ELECTED

Martin McGowen-Scanlon 209

Jessica Pinder, DIG, 356

Richard Rendle 485 ELECTED

Vince Tehel 135

Lucy Williams, DIG, 459 ELECTED

Gerald Yardy, DIG, 446 ELECTED

*Ivybridge East

Thomas Bowden 316

Phillip Dredge 428 ELECTED

Martyn Kennard 162

Ann Laity 443 ELECTED

Tessa Lannin, Labour, 458 ELECTED

Trevor Munro 299

Trevor Parsons 383 ELECTED

Karen Pringle 550 ELECTED

Louise Rea, Labour, 455 ELECTED

Elizabeth Silsbury 393 ELECTED

Raymond Wilson 377 ELECTED

*North Huish

Jonathan Bell, 100 ELECTED

David Gabriel, 93 ELECTED

Lisette Granados, 57

Tristam Grevatt, 75 ELECTED

David Hunt, 118 ELECTED

Margaret Luscombe, 82 ELECTED

Catherine Seager-Berry, 99 ELECTED

Robert Steer, 152 ELECTED

*Stoke Gabriel

Anne Blood 287 ELECTED

Emma Bridge 406 ELECTED

Jamie Bullock 317 ELECTED

Amanda Collings 386 ELECTED

Richard Harris 220

David Hazelton 215

Richard Hunt 401 ELECTED

Michelle King 279 ELECTED

Roger Stobbart 263 ELECTED

Richard Tully 285 ELECTED

Julian Williams 281 ELECTED

*Thurlestone Parish

Susan Crowther, 279 ELECTED

Anthony Goddard, 137

Sian Hester/Williams, 224 ELECTED

Nigel Hurrell, 187 ELECTED

Gary Luddington, 116

Christopher Marshall, 255 ELECTED

Charles Mitchelmore, 223 ELECTED

Gillian Munn, 176 ELECTED

Andrew Rhymes, 299 ELECTED

Gillian Stone, 162

Bronwen Zaffiro, 123


George Beable 339 ELECTED

Matthew Fariclough-Kay 273 ELECTED

Joan Fletcher 271 ELECTED

Michael Greaves 101

Clive Hart 251 ELECTED

Thomas Holway 388 ELECTED

Richard Hosking 257 ELECTED

Edward Johns 352 ELECTED

Laurence Nelson 246 ELECTED

Timothy Slater 219 ELECTED

David Smallridge 259 ELECTED


Keith Baldry ELECTED

Sheila Barton ELECTED

Martyn Butters ELECTED

Alan Cooper ELECTED

Geoffrey Craddock ELECTED

John Endicott ELECTED

Patrick Healy ELECTED

Shirley Hrydziuszka ELECTED

Stephen Roomes

Daniel Thomas ELECTED

Clifford Tucker ELECTED

*Woolwell and Bickleigh

Katherine Archer, 428 ELECTED

Paul Blight 439 ELECTED

Charles Ellis 206

Wendy Haymes 409 ELECTED

Barrie Spencer 336 ELECTED

Carole Spencer 353 ELECTED

Lynn Tamsett-White 414