Hundreds flocked to South Hams Brewery on Saturday night to watch local DJ collaboration ‘The KDJ Collective’ perform a range of music, from House and Disco to Drum and Bass.

The event included sets from local DJs Funksoulbrother (Phil Robinson), Leftarm (Chris Wrighton), Bear (Steve Bearman), DJ Pepe (James Riena), Yiuie (Yiuwin Tsang), DJ EL Harrow (Louie Harrow) and Simo (Simon Littlewood). It was set up by Phil and Bex Robinson, as part of their ongoing initiative ‘A Party for No Particular Reason’, which they started around 15 years ago in Leeds.

The pair come from a background of running bars and nightclubs, and after leaving the industry, they would occasionally put parties on for friends called ‘A Party For No Particular Reason’, which they have expanded into ticketed events in the South Hams in the last fifteen months.

Mr Robinson said the thinking behind the project stemmed from “the idea that you don’t need a reason to have a good party!”

The couple hosted their first event at Sturtlebury Barn. They were hesitant at first to create a ticketed event, as the previous parties had been free, but needed to do so in order to cover the venue fee.

The party took place in March 2022 and was a great success, which has led to multiple sell-out ‘A Party For No Particular Reason’ events on Halloween and New Years Eve, with capacity expanding each time.

They have since expanded out of Kingsbridge, selling out their recent ‘Summer special’ event which celebrated DJs from close to home.

Phil added: “This amazing journey has only just started and we have made loads of new friends along the way and as a Collective we have become really close and reliable friends, who for some of us have re-found our long lost passion for music and DJing.

“We strive to improve on each party as we move forward and we have continued to re-invest the proceeds from ticket sales along the way, along with charitable donations.

What’s next for The KDJ Collective? Who knows, we have lots of ideas in the pipeline and hopefully we can continue to spread great vibes for all who want to let their hair down." You can find out more at: