A terrier, which made headlines when his owner was advised to put sunglasses on him, has died.

Jaxs’ eyes were sensitive to light and could not see at all without wearing dark glasses.

The 16-year-old dog had a list of medical complaints, a weak immune system, an allergy to grass and various foods, had immune-mediated blepharitis, meaning he has cysts in his eyes that remove the pigment, and was finally diagnosed with dementia.

He also used to wear mediboots because if he walked on grass without boots he used to get red pads and they used to bleed.

Jaxs’ owner, Maria Domanic, first came to the Gazette when people complained to her that she was being cruel for dressing Jaxs up and she wanted people to know why.

This week she said Jaxs was recently put to sleep. She wanted the news shared as people kept approaching her and asking how he was doing and she was finding it upsetting.

For those who loved Jaxs, she will be holding a memorial service for him at the seats on Embankment Road close to the top of the estuary on what would have been Jaxs’ 17th birthday, June 2.