The neon-covered Dartmouth Steam railway train, which has brought Christmas cheer to hundreds of spectators by lighting up a valley like a rainbow, is ready for departure once more.

The Train of Lights journey starts at Queen's Park Station in Paignton and features vintage carriages decorated with thousands of lights, both inside and out.

Photographer Scott Williams, 49, snaps the event every year and is usually accompanied by his young daughter Kerkyra.

His stunning footage shows the Train of Lights as it trundled through Oyster Cove near Paignton, Devon, earlier this week

Scott said: "Just wow! The train of lights is magical and beautiful! I particularly like the location of this video as the lights reflect off the embankment on either side.

"The Train of Lights has been running since 2018 on the Paignton to Dartmouth Steam railway.

"I have always loved it! This year I believe they also have Santa on board and the journey is set to a story so timings are really important.

"The steam railway runs along the South Devon coastline and countryside capturing some stunning views.

"This video captured their first trial run with the first passenger train beginning on Friday 24th November.

"Many local people now associate the start of the festive period with seeing the train of lights, almost as much as seeing the Coca-Cola advert on TV!

"People travel far and wide to come and see the train of lights, I am even doing a guided tour for some people who are visiting from America."

The journey takes in the 450-metre Greenway tunnel that "leads you to the enchanted forest which will be transformed by a multitude of lights".

The stunning show ends as you leave the forest to be greeted by the twinkling lights of Dartmouth reflected on the river Dart.