THE HALLSANDS Centenary Commemoration committee have launched a webpage to receive donations.

In January, there will be commemorations of the great storm that destroyed Hallsands.

The old village of Hallsands stood beneath the cliffs, just over a mile north of Start Point, but in intense storms almost one hundred years ago, most of the village was destroyed.

Little is left of the old village - two buildings, used as holiday homes stand precariously perched on a rock platform a few metres above the sea, otherwise only ruins of what was once a thriving fishing village remain.

A spokesperson for the committee said: ‘On Thursday, January 26, local people and descendants of the villagers would like to commemorate this event.

‘To do this we are planning lots of activities for people to attend including an exhibition retelling the story of old Hallsands, a lamp lit walk over the cliff following the path taken by the villagers during the storm, a church service, unveiling of a commemorative plaque and a crab supper.

‘We are hoping that there will be a bus to take people to and from the various events. To achieve all this we are asking people to donate to cover some of the costs such as materials to put up the exhibition, buy the plaque etc.

‘None of the money will go to paying the people involved for their time and many people have already offered to donate things such as the crab for the crab supper.’

All funds raised that are surplus to covering basic costs will be donated to the Fisherman’s Mission, RNLI and Prawle Point Coastwatch.

To donate money, visit the website