The three Green Party members recently voted onto South Hams Council have pledged to work with the Lib Dem leadership to achieve “better services and democracy” for residents.

The Greens gained a seat at the recent local elections, and the new councillors say they will work towards delivering a greener local authority.

May’s election was an historic one for the Green Party, which won a record number of 738 seats across 166 councils.

In the South Hams, longstanding councillor Jacqi Hodgson won a whopping 72% of the votes to regain her seat in the Dartington and Staverton Ward, which she has served for the past 12 years. Hers was the second highest percentage of votes won by a candidate at this year’s local election.

Cllr Hodgson said: “Our strong commitment to Fairer Greener Communities really struck a chord with voters this year.

“People know that Green Party councillors are hard-working and listen to the people we represent.

“Voters are clearly fed up with the Tory party empty promises and poor service delivery.

“Our manifesto for this election has set out what we hope to achieve going forward and we will work with the new Liberal Democrat administration to deliver better services and democracy at South Hams.

“People have voted for change, we Greens will take this opportunity to helpour residents at this difficult time and provide better services andmore accountable governance in our local authorities.”

Joiningthe district council for the first time are fellow Green Party members Cllrs Georgina Allen and Anna Presswell, who both won seats in Totnes Ward where the Greens won a total of 40% of the votes.

Bothare also elected members of Totnes Town Council. Cllr Allen is deputy mayor and chairwoman of the planning committee.

CllrAllen said she was delighted to win her first district council seat, adding: “This is a really exciting time to be joining the district council, as this election has seen such a monumental change across the country and also here in the South Hams.

“I hope to bring my experience of planning to the new council so that we can deliver the housing local people urgently need.”

CllrAnna Presswell said: “I’m looking forward to making a difference as part of a council which is making a fresh start.

“People have voted for a greener future, and as a green councillor I will represent those values in decisions being made”