AN author living in Frogmore has released a new crime thriller ‘Reasonable Force’.

Reasonable Force is a fast-moving crime thriller strewn with unexpected twists and turns. It centres around Nick and Mel Summers, a happily married young couple trying to start a family. That is, until an intruder breaks into their home and Nick, in a panic, accidentally kills the man.

Nick confides in his neighbour, police officer Nathan Ballack, who advises getting rid of the body. What he doesn’t know is that Ballack is a man with his own dark secrets. Was this a man Nick had any right to trust?

The couple are now faced with a nightmare scenario – a dilemma that could present itself to anyone of us, destroying forever the belief that we are safe and secure in our own homes. But this is just the beginning of Nick’s nightmare.

A sinister blanket of greed and corruption descends over the Summers’ house testing their relationship and pushing the couple’s sanity to the very edge.

Reasonable Force is a frightening, observational tale about the moral dilemma that faces anyone who comes face to face with an intruder in their home, and what actually constitutes ’reasonable force’. This gripping story challenges that law and asks the question, how far should one go to protect one’s family and property?

The book, published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie has received excellent reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

The author will host a book signing at the Crabshell Inn on Thursday, November 10, between 7pm and 8pm. Afterwards he will be performing a thirty minute spot, with guitar, at the free ‘Concert Night’.

CT Sullivan lived in Cobham, Surrey, until two months ago when he moved to Frogmore, was a foreign exchange broker in London and performs stand up musical comedy at corporate and sporting occasions where he, with a guitar, writes and delivers songs aimed at various members of the audience.

Reasonable Force is available at The Harbour Bookshop, Kingsbridge - signed copies; Pegasus Publishers and on Amazon.